The New Zealand construction industry is embracing drone technology for more accurate and efficient surveying, safer inspections, and more visible site mapping. From the original design phase and visualising the project site to monitoring project progress, safely looking over hand-to-view areas and even measuring fill content for earthworks, drones are rapidly becoming invaluable tools in the construction industry.

Our team work with the giants of the New Zealand construction industry to help our clients achieve what was once out of reach. Our clients, which range from BECA to Fulton Hogan, have utilised drones for a range of activities, including tracking project progress, inspecting existing structures, stockpile measurement, site mapping, thermal building inspection, architectural modelling, quality checking and more.

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DJI Phantom 4 RTK

A standard Phantom 4 can only achieve about 5-meter accuracy for photogrammetry. With the Phantom 4 RTK, you can map out an area, building or stockpile with an incredible horizontal accuracy of up to 5 centimetres. The Phantom 4 RTK achieves this with the use of its on-board high precision RTK system, along with DJI TimeSync, which ensures accurate calibration between the camera, RTK module and RTB base station.

The Phantom 4 RTK transmitter now has a built-in 5.5" high brightness screen and replaceable batteries so you can ensure a flat transmitter doesn't delay your job. With the latest GS RTK application on board, mission planning is easier than ever before without the worries of aftermarket applications or flat iPad batteries. GS RTK now supports KMZ/KML import so that pre-planning flights can be done at the office with higher accuracy. A 4G modem allows convenient connectivity to any of New Zealand’s RTK correction networks.

It is still sporting the legendary Phantom 4 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor with global shutter. And with the latest OcuSync 2.0 HD digital image transmission technology, the connection between the drone and pilot is as reliable as possible.


DJI Matrice 200 series

When conditions get tough, the Matrice 200 series of craft are IP43 weather resistant and can handle much stronger wind than other craft. This means less interruption to your planned aerial operations. The Matrice 200 series payload abilities allow mounting of multiple cameras and can integrate a Klau Geomatics Post Processing Kinematics GNSS system. The PPK system means that you can achieve highly accurate maps without the requirement for ground control points saving you time and money. The Matrice is the workhorse for commercial operations. Its reliability, redundancy and ease of deployment make it perfect for our tough conditions.

The latest V2 Matrice improves on this, offering support for the latest DJI and 3rd party payloads, cm accurate RTK photo positioning, encrypted control signal, collision avoidance technology, OccuSync control and SDK support.


Propellor AeroPoints

Propeller AeroPoints are a turn-key solution allowing drone surveyors to quickly deploy accurate ground control points without the need for expensive survey equipment. Each AeroPoint contains a solar-powered GNSS receiver which operates with a single button, uploading data automatically. The uploaded data can be processed in six different ways — global accuracy is on par with a conventional GNSS rover. Internal accuracy, however, is improved over traditional methods and projects will typically be accurate to less than 10mm.

The Propeller AeroPoints platform can be utilised to offer PPK on the DJI Phantom 4 RTK, which is fantastic for surveyors working in remote sites where connectivity for RTK is limited and there are no accessible marks available. PPK also allows the Phantom 4 RTK to be operated with no ground control at all, and still maintain sub-3cm accuracy. This solution is ideal for sites where access is difficult or indeed impossible altogether, such as landslides.

Propeller AeroPoints are available now from DJI Ferntech. The Phantom 4 PPK solution is also available, either as a standalone package or as an upgrade to your existing Phantom 4 RTK. Both systems are also available for rental. For more information, or to arrange a demo, contact our Commercial Solutions team.



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